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released February 24, 2007




HANGING BY A NAME Coimbra, Portugal

HANGING BY A NAME is first and foremost the result of the collaboration of the three musicians that make up the band. Duarte Feliciano (Guitar and Vocals), Adílio Sousa (Bass Guitar) and Renato Costa (Drums) are a trio by choice, not by accident. A complex alternative power rock framework, that aggregates music with literature, visual arts giving birth to something new and full of individuality. ... more

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Track Name: The noose
Grave and undisturbed, he layed is brush on the portraits he was commissioned by the rich and the vain that looked forward on cheating death. And with infinite patience, he soothed the grotesque underlying expressions that greed and ambition seemed to imprint into their heads.

Those that had in life something to boast for, money or fame or acceptance, those fortunate few that looked down on the rest us, all seeked him and in search of his favours. For his talent they knew had no rival and they could not settle for less.

He earned his life as liar, or so he would feel in his bed, because that was the only talent he had to sell.

That was the personal weight he carried on his cursed soul and everything else in his life had the stench of his clients gold. In vain he had tried to appease the guilt and remorse he would feel, he was searching for something that eased the misfortune that led to this aching silence in the hours spent on his gruesome work. And this craving, craving for more!

Buried by the life expired, tightening the noose...
Track Name: Breakdown
I would be there in your time of need, when all of your world is just crumbling down and you would be hanging by a name. Haunted by that wretched sound echoing in the paths you trailed and all of the plans that you fantasized. Carving it's way through your insides recurrently and undisguised.

You breathe and scream in rage:

-I'm better...

You spewed your last breath:

-I'm better...


-I'm better than you!

You took your obsession to the very end overlooking what it mattered most. A downward spiral pathway that descends to the monomania you fell host. You lost! Your breakdown creed:

-I'm better, I'm better than you!
Track Name: Crooked by design
If sanity is statistical like they say, then why can't i just be like they want me to be. The cast and the mold is drafted so we can fit as whole. Something awkward crooked my design, something that went wrong in the production line. No ambition, no urge to own or buy, they'll have no use for my life.

- You can't escape the grasp we hold, there's no way we'll let you go! We hold the numbers that decide whether you will live or die. Like you father did before you, you will pay the tribute that is due. Why should you believe you are unique? There is no escaping our technique. You'll have no choice but to consume the orthodoxy we pursue. Whatever struggle you feel is right, we'll make sure you'll loose the fight. 'Cause we are the... We gave birth to you, you are our tool to help tame those in you midst, those that believe they can resist. We'll turn you into our own gun, turn you to product that we own. 'Cause you are our... We are part of you! You are our...
Track Name: Thirteen by four
- Don't think about quitting. We would never allow that, you are an asset we can't loose. There's no way you can turn back.
You are just too deep in this plan that was thought out thoroughly and it's starting now.
And frankly it strikes me kind of odd that you would turn all of this down. We're the ones that took you from the gutter you were living in and offered you all.

- Please sir I know all this and don't think I haven't tried , it's more than I can handle. ...And when I accepted this task no one explained it to me quite all that it encompassed.
Track Name: Carrie
Carrie, underneath that mask, I know you hide all of the resentment that's inside buried by pride. And Carrie, did you ever guess one day you'd loose and there would be no one around to use your naked charm?

Like a gambler, you took your odds and you risked it all and bet on the wrong horse and now all illusions you built on air just went up in smoke and you have to bear that the more you aim high the more you loose when you don't take time to plan what you choose to do. Brace yourself and please do confess!

You thought you had it all worked out and you decided to impress.
Exploited every dirty trick and i admit it, with finesse.
Took out whomever in your way you thought that had to be suppressed.
Turned into actions what you planned the creed you deny to profess.
Betrayed into the hands of men, refused all efforts in your aid.
The more you sought to leave the ground, the more you found out that you weighed.
The lesser effort to perceive, the lesser chances to evade.
The ignorance you tried conceal was the pie thrown back to your face.
Track Name: Play the prey
Whilst breaking ground, I've found myself here back again! Trying to carve my own way out from this mistake and just get away. People don't seem to care much about my fate or the wrong turns and decisions that I've have made but I'll play the prey. Hiding out that I've got a way to reverse this u-turn I've made and that I'll have to pay. For i know, you'd all tie me down the first chance you got your hands round my beautiful neck.

It's all the same whatever place you choose to go, whatever friends you choose to make or to enrol into your goals. If you don't carry your own weight then you will find that soon you will be on your own and left behind. You're out of time! For as much as I'd like to stay, if you don't step up in the game I'll leave you this day.

'Cause i know in this game we play, if you start to believe you are great, then you're on the road to oblivion buried by all that once though were well on their way and you will find that the pleasant remarks people made are just not enough to keep you straight... And then all castles come crashing down... And then all fans just don't hang around... All of the things you were handed down just fade away!
Track Name: Mortgage by demise
What's it gonna be now hey? There comes a time when you must choose to either sit out on the outside or to loose your 'self' in a mass of others that have signed away the deed in which they forfeit their own freedom and concede that redemption set in the morning is nowhere close the comfort that conformity brings. Redemption set in the morning is nowhere near the safety that obedience gives.

Shout out loud and you will be buried by the weight of the crowd, trade your 'self' and we will provide you the perfect way out. Self control is something most people learn to live without. We'll take good care of you if you let us take care of your doubts.

You sign here! Let go and trust us, everyone does...
Track Name: The cogwheel
... and she's scribbling my name... wore me down from the lack of sleep... they all look the same beaten down and red eyed like me, and she tells me that soon all this will be a memory and all will come back to me.

-So where do I sign?
-Just right there by the dotted line.

... and right there displayed is the list that gave me away... and she tells me that it's ok it all comes down to this, that although I have stood my ground they bear no grudge towards me and I will be soon enough free to roam the streets again up and down untill I'm beat, free to feel the warmth of defeat.

As I look down I can see my hands shake and all of the room sways.

- Gun me down!!! Shoot me right now I wont concede... It's too much of a ransom to pay to become the ideology's slave, no matter how good it may be. There's no benefit gained from this trade that would be worth the sacrifice made. I am not your pawn to play.